Leverage truly unique, innovative and powerful document capture and imaging solution

Ezy Imaging Solution is an Enterprise-class Document Capture and Imaging solution that allows you to perform capture, storage, retrieval, viewing, manipulation, transformation, editing and processing tasks for complete document management integration needs within Oracle Forms, Oracle Apex, Oracle ADF, JSP, JSF, OAF, .Net, PHP, Formspider, Ruby and other web-based applications. It allows you to invoke any TWAIN-compliant device, such as a scanner, webcam or digital camera, connected to the client machine to capture and manipulate single or multiple pages of documents, images or photos. It supports various document repositories such as local folders, shared network folders, intranet/internet URL locations and database servers with any number of Primary Key columns containing the Imaging Document BLOB column.

For Document Retrieval, it allows you to open existing imaging documents (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF format) from various repositories; and display the document within the Image Viewer, allowing the ability to view / manipulate the file as you wish, and/or capture new images.

For Document Storage, it allows you to perform whatever functions that are currently available before saving the document based on the range of pages specified into the supported file formats, for storage within the appropriate document imaging repository.


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Oracle Forms ImplementationOracle Forms Implementation

Oracle Apex ImplementationOracle Apex Implementation

Evaluation Version of both products are available. Kindly provide the required information here and we will send you the Download URL Link.

Product Benefits


  • Streamline your workflow by using a single integrated solution for all document management tasks instead of using many external solutions to carry out the same task
  • Very user-friendly and intuitive GUI that users of all levels can easily use


  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction through an easy to use solution
  • Achieve time, cost and resource savings through a single and easily integrated imaging document management solution non intrusive to your business
  • Easily customize our solution for your important needs as your business grows

IT Management

  • Maximise, protect and leverage your considerable investment in Oracle Form’s mature and web-based technologies
  • Easily integrate our Java-based components into your Oracle Form’s and web-based applications and also know that customization is easy due to our solution’s flexibility
  • Our solution is suitable for Oracle Forms applications through our Java Bean offering; Web-based applications through our Java Applet offering; and Client-desktop applications through our Java Swing Components making it an ideal solution for IT managers working with several platforms.

Product Capabilities

  • Very fast image loading using parallel processing and 3rd party imaging library.
  • Smart Key Accelerators and selecting a Thumbnail Page for very fast page navigation.
  • Completely flexible real-time configuration of User Interface to show/hide controls that suit your application needs.
  • Smart Save Document Preferences to set your preferred file format when saving a single page or multi-pages document.
  • Transform, Edit and Merge any imaging document to save into preferred image format and repository location.
  • Programmatically setting the last selected device in order to save time prior to the document capture process.
  • Smart "Auto Start Capture" feature to automatically start scanning process upon navigating to Document Capture page.
  • Set Device settings programmatically within your application and hiding Java-side UI screen controls.
  • Set Device Capabilities and hiding the native device's UI for uninterrupted document capture operation.
  • Implement Horizontal or Vertical Toolbar for Image Viewer User.
  • Add additional page(s) to current document before or after any existing page either from Device or from existing imaging document.
  • "Auto-Crop on Acquire" feature that will crop ONLY section of the page related to actual image during capture process and generate a very clear image with 'Auto Contrast' applied internally.
  • Smart printing feature to ONLY print the required page(s).
  • Add custom image watermark during saving and/or printing your document.
  • Flexible Magnifier feature that allows you to change the scale and size "on-the-fly.
  • Smart "Crop on Mouse Released" feature during Image Cropping to save time by reducing one extra keystroke for this process.
  • Smart "Resize Image" feature with ability to add a border with your preferred colour to any image page.
  • "Restore Original Image" and "Reload Last Opened Document" features to manipulate and save changes made to existing document into another document, and restoring the original image page / document to resume other image processing activities.

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