Ezy PDF Print

Leverage truly unique, innovative and powerful document printing solution for web-based applications

Ezy PDF Print is part of LongBridge’s Ezy Imaging Suite of products, which is an Enterprise-class Document Printing solution that allows you to print a PDF document directly to your desired printer. It can be very easily integrated within Oracle Forms, Oracle Apex, Oracle ADF, JSP, JSF, OAF, .Net, PHP, Formspider, Ruby and other web-based applications.

It supports printing from various document repositories such as local folders, shared network folders, web/application server URL folders, FTP server folders and database servers containing the PDF document BLOB column.

Sensitive PDF documents that need to be sent directly to a desired printer can be easily sent to such a printer without the need to display the document within your application, and potentially saved to the local folder when tight security procedures are required to safeguard the integrity of such confidential documents.

Product Capabilities

  • Completely flexible offering of our sample solution to suit your current application needs, with the possibility of allowing more functions to be exposed as your application is enhanced for the future.
  • Supports printing of PDF documents ONLY.
  • Automatic retrieval of the default printer connected to your local client machine.
  • Automatic retrieval of the available printer drivers connected to your local client machine to allow you to populate a dropdown list of available printers within your application that you can choose as your Target Printer for document printing.
  • Option of deleting the PDF document if it is routed from the Local Folder or Shared Network Folder for the purpose of disk space management housekeeping task.
  • Option of printing non-sensitive PDF documents using a Print Dialog to allow the user to set Printer Preferences prior to printing.
  • Complete validation of PDF document existence from the relevant document repository prior to the printing process.
  • Extensive Diagnostics Report, which is very useful for troubleshooting purposes.

Screenshot of Ezy PDF Print’s implementation in an Oracle Forms application

Screenshot of Ezy PDF Print’s implementation in an Oracle Apex application

The sample screenshots above for Oracle Forms and Oracle Apex respectively allows you to call Forms/JavaScript APIs to set up the various printer devices connected to your local client machine, and ‘Print’ button options to send the relevant PDF document from its chosen document repository to the printer of your choice.

Use our sample application as a baseline to copy and paste the necessary code into your own application to suit your needs.

Download Evaluation Version

To download a FREE Evaluation of 30 Days for Oracle Forms applications, click on the URL link below:


To download a FREE Evaluation of 30 Days for Oracle Apex applications, click on the URL link below:


Follow the instructions in the Deployment Notes found in the Zip file to deploy our solution within your own server environment.

Comprehensive Tutorial Guides with several screenshots for all 6 products are available within the Apex Zip file, which is also applicable for Oracle Forms implementation.

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